Accommodations and Inclusivity

Making Contact 2018 Workshop strives to be as inclusive as possible. The Workshop has adapted these considerations from the American Anthropology Association and the American Bar Association.

  • All facilities and rooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • Braille and tactile/raised signage in the facilities and room signage.
  • An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will be present pending request.
  • Live transcription services (CART) will be available pending request.
  • We will use high-contrast signs and publicity material.
  • Statements and documents generated for the workshop will be printed and sent via mail per request, using a +17, sans serif font.
  • For those in attendance, please consider refraining from wearing perfume, as it can be over-stimulating for non-neurotypical people / people with sensory processing differences.

If possible, please give as much advanced notice as you can for the ASL interpreter and the CART service. Thank you!

Please email Claire at for questions and requests.